[Community Feedback] Looking for Hypergiants in PeeringDB

This paper has been submitted to CCR. This is a draft version of the paper that has not been peer-reviewed. Comments on the paper or the supplementary material are encouraged through the comment facility at the bottom of this page.
T. Bottger, F. Cuadrado, S. Uhlig

Hypergiants, such as Google or Netflix, are important organ- isations in the Internet ecosystem, due to their sheer impact in terms of traffic volume exchanged. However, the research community still lacks a sufficiently crisp definition for them, beyond naming specific instances of them. In this paper we analyse PeeringDB data and derive a set of defining char- acteristics for hypergiants. To this end, we first character- ise the organisations present in PeeringDB, allowing us to identify discriminating properties of the these organisations. We then show that these properties differentiate hypergiants well from other organisations. We conclude this paper by investigating how hypergiants exploit the IXP ecosystem to reach the global IPv4 space.

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