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DICE: Dynamic Multi-RAT Selection in the ICN-enabled Wireless Edge

Gaurav Panwar, Reza Tournai, Travis Mick, Abderrahmen Mtibaa, Satyajayant Misra

Coupled with the rapid increase in mobile device users and the bandwidth and latency demands are the continuous increase of devices’ processing capabilities, storage, and wireless connectivity options. The multiple radio access technology (multi-RAT) is proposed to satisfy mobile users’ increasing needs. The Information-Centric Networking (ICN) paradigm is better tuned (than the current Internet Protocol approach) to support multi-RAT communications. ICN eschews the connection-based content retrieval model used today and has desirable features such as data naming, in-network caching, and device mobility–a paradigm ripe for exploration.

We propose DICE, an ICN forwarding strategy that helps a device dynamically select a subset of its multi-RAT interfaces for communication. DICE assesses the state of edge links and network congestion to determine the minimum number of interfaces required to perform data delivery. We perform simulations to compare DICE’s performance with bestroute2 and multicast strategies (part of the named data networking simulator, ndnSIM). We show that DICE is the best of both worlds: providing a higher delivery ratio (0.2–2 times) and much lower overhead (by 2–8 times) for different packet rates.

Download the full article DOI: 10.1145/3155055.3155066


Report on Networking and Programming Languages 2017

Nikolaj Bjorne, Marco Canini, Nik Sultana

The third workshop on Networking and Programming Languages, NetPL 2017, was held in conjunction with SIGCOMM 2017. The workshop series attracts invited speakers from academia and industry and a selection of contributed abstracts for short presentations. NetPL brings together researchers from the networking community and researchers from the programming languages and verification communities. The workshop series is a timely forum for exciting trends, technological and scientific advances in the intersection of these communities.

We describe some of the highlights from the invited talks through the lens of three trends: Advances in network machine architectures, network programming abstractions, and network verification.

NetPL included five invited speakers, four from academia, and one from industry. The program contained six contributed papers out of eight submitted for presentation. The workshop organizers reviewed the abstracts for quality and scope. A total of 42 registrations were received and the attendance occupied the lecture room to the brink.

Slides and abstracts from all talks are available from the workshop home page: Videos of the presentations are available in the NetPL YouTube channel:

Download the full article DOI: 10.1145/3155055.3155061