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Best CCR papers presented at SIGCOMM’18

Every year, the CCR Editorial board selects the two best paper that were published during the previous year (i.e. the July 2017, October 2017, January 2018 and April 2018 issues) for presentation during the SIGCOMM conference. During SIGCOMM’18, two CCR papers will be presented :

Both papers proposed a methodology, collected measurements and released artefacts to allow other researchers to build upon and extend the paper results. A recent study shows that a growing fraction of the papers published within our community contains artefacts (software, measurements datasets, …). CCR encourages the publications of such papers by allowing them to be longer than six pages.

Community feedback

Like most scientific journals, Computer Communication Review (CCR) publishes peer-reviewed papers. Reviewing papers takes time and the papers that appear in CCR have typically been submitted four months before their online publication. Once a paper is submitted, it is reviewed by a few experts in the field who assess the technical merits of the paper. If the paper supplies artefacts (software, datasets, …) additional reviewers also evaluate those artefacts. Those reviews and the associated discussions take time and often allow the authors to significantly improve the quality of their papers.

In parallel with their submission to CCR, some authors also distribute their paper to colleagues or post it on online repositories. To provide more feedback to such authors, we start a new experiment in CCR. Authors who submit papers that contain artefacts (software, datasets, …) can now opt for community feedback. In this case, the paper is quickly checked by the editor and if suitable it is posted on during the review process together with links to the additional material. We start this experiment with the following paper that is currently under review :

We hope that this new service will be useful for the community and encourage you to provide feedback to the authors through website comments. Feel free to also contact the editor by email if you have any suggestion or comment on this new service.