Recommendations for Designing Hybrid Conferences

Vaibhav Bajpai, Oliver Hohlfeld, Jon Crowcroft, Srinivasan Keshav, Henning Schulzrine, Jorg Ott, Simone Ferlin-Reiter, Georg Carle, Andrew Hines, Alexander Raake


During the Covid-19 pandemic, many smaller conferences have moved entirely online and larger ones are being held as hybrid events. This reduces the carbon footprint of conference travel and
makes events more accessible to parts of the research community that have difficulty traveling long distances. Hybrid events will become an attractive alternative in the future since they make meetings broadly available without the need for travels, while preserving all elements of in-person gatherings. While we have developed a solid understanding of how to design virtual events, we do not yet know how to properly run hybrid events. We present guidelines and considerations–spanning technology, organization and social factors–for organizing successful hybrid conferences. This is the output of a Dagstuhl seminar on “Climate Friendly Internet Research” held in July 2021.

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