The July 2022 issue

This July 2022 issue contains one technical paper and two editorial notes.

The technical paper, The Packet Number Space Debate in Multipath QUIC, by Quentin De Coninck, deals with how QUIC packets should be numbered over multiple paths. This work provides a comparison between the usage of a single (shared) or multiple packet space numbers for QUIC multipath. The main outcome of the evaluation is that using multiple packet number spaces has the advantage that packet losses can be detected while maintaining a significantly lower state at the receiver. Also, it allows using fewer signalling frames at the cost of a more profound modification of the QUIC protocol.

We have two editorial notes. The first one, The multiple roles that IPv6 addresses can play in today’s Internet, by Maxime Piraux and his colleagues, argues that the large IPv6 addressing space allows reconsidering how IP addresses are used and enables improving, simplifying and scaling the Internet. The second, AppClassNet: A commercial-grade dataset for application identification research by Wang Chao and his colleagues, releases a commercial-grade dataset for benchmarking traffic classification and management methodologies. AppClassNet is significantly larger than the datasets generally available to the academic community.

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