The October 2022 issue

This October 2022 issue contains two technical papers and one editorial note.

The first technical paper, LGC-ShQ: Datacenter Congestion Control with Queueless Load-based ECN Marking, by Kristjon Ciko and colleagues, provides a thorough performance evaluation of LGC-ShQ, a novel congestion control (CC)mechanism for data-centers. LGC-ShQ’s performance are compared (over Linux) against HULL, the closest solution in the state-of-the-art.

The second technical paper, Topology and Geometry of the Third-Party Domains Ecosystem: Measurement and Applications, by Costas Iordanou and colleagues, studies the network of the third-party domains by observing the domains’ interactions within users’ browsers from all over the globe. The authors then discuss the structural properties of the corresponding network. The results provide a new perspective on understanding the ecosystem’s organization.

We have one editorial note. In Rethinking SIGCOMM’s Conferences: Making Form Follow Function, Scott Shenker asks whether our current practice of highly selective conferences is helping us achieve SIGCOMM’s research goals. This essay contends that there is a significant mismatch between what SIGCOMM’s goals should be and what our current practices achieve, and proposes a radical restructuring of our conferences that would provide better alignment and, as an additional benefit, a stronger sense of community.

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