Fast In-kernel Traffic Sketching in eBPF

Sebastiano Miano, Xiaoqi Chen, Ran Ben Basat, Gianni Antichi


The extended Berkeley Packet Filter (eBPF) is an infrastructure that allows to dynamically load and run micro-programs directly in the Linux kernel without recompiling it. In this work, we study how to develop high-performance network measurements in eBPF. We take sketches as case-study, given their ability to support a wide-range of tasks while providing low-memory footprint and accuracy guarantees. We implemented NitroSketch, the state-of-the-art sketch for user-space networking and show that best practices in user-space networking cannot be directly applied to eBPF, because of its different performance characteristics. By applying our lesson learned we improve its performance by 40% compared to a naive implementation.

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