Latency Measurement as a Virtualized Network Function using Metherxis

Diego Rossi Mafioletti , Alextian Bartholomeu Liberatto , Rodolfo da Silva Villa├ža, Cristina Klippel Dominicini, Magnos Martinello, Moises Renato Nunes Ribeiro.

Network latency is critical to the success of many highspeed, low-latency applications. RFC 2544 discusses and defines a set of tests that can be used to describe the performance characteristics of a network device. However, most of the available measurement tools cannot perform all the tests as described in this standard. As a novel approach, this paper proposes Metherxis, a system that can be implemented on general purpose hardware and enables Virtualized Network Functions (VNFs) to measure network device latency with micro-second grade accuracy. Results show that Metherxis achieves highly accurate latency measurements when compared to OFLOPS, a well known measurement tool.

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